Gazillion Bubbles Burstin’ Bubble Cloud

Get ready for a bubble experience never seen before! From Gazillion Bubbles is the all-new, revolutionary, Burstin’ Bubble Clouds® machine! This amazing bubble machine creates a bubble-popping experience like no other! Simply fill the machine with Gazillion Bubbles top secret “super solution,” press start and watch as tons of amazing cloud bubbles appear! Innovative technology creates safe, non-toxic cloud bubbles made from water vapor! If regular bubbles are what you’re looking for, this amazing bubble machine can do that, too! Switch the setting to “regular bubbles”! With Gazillion Bubbles, you’ll have tons and tons of bubble fun! Includes an 8 oz. bottle of Gazillion Bubbles solution. Requires 8 AA batteries. Appropriate for ages 3 years and up.