“Here’s a look at Funrise’s award-winning Kid-In-A-Bubble

Gazillion Bubbles from Funrise delivers magical moments with superior quality solution and innovative bubbles toys.

Our top-secret bubble solution blows bigger, brighter, more colourful bubbles than any other solution on the market.

Aussie kids have voted and Giant Gazillion Kid-In-A-Bubble is the Australian Toy Association – Kids Choice Award (7-12) Winner for 2021!

With Giant Gazillion Bubbles Kid-In-A-Bubble, you can create a bubble so big that a child can fit inside!

Simply fill the tray with Giant Gazillion Bubbles Solution, dip the giant wand into the tray, and gently raise upward to create a giant bubble.

With easy assembly and easy clean-up, the bubble fun never ends!

Giant Gazillion Kid-In-A-Bubble is available now! Get in before we sell out!”


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